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    The RBD Office and NSTDA have been developing ways to make it possible and beneficial for Thai professional living and
working overseas to participate in the RBD program. Below is the list of current RBD programs under NSTDA that Thai professional
from overseas can participate to help our homeland.

1. Special Projects Program: You can propose or suggest new joint projects (team up with Thai counterpart) and send them to RBD Office (email: RBD will coordinate and send the proposals to CPMO (Cluster & Program Management Office) of NSTDA. CPMO will review the proposals and inform RBD of the granting decision.

To qualify as a special project, the project should conform to CPMO’s proposal guideline and having the following 4 characteristics

      Be pioneering and innovative for Thailand
      Have great potential to help Thailand improve its competitiveness
      Lead to commercializable/usable outcome or products: and
      Use knowledge and expertise of Thai Professionals overseas and their colleagues

Guideline for drafting CPMO proposal : Click here!.

2. Technology Transfer / Short-Term Visit Program: RBD will support  short term visits for Thai professionals from overseas to Thailand to give lectures / workshops or seminars on topics of special interest. Issues relating to NSTDA’s clusters and research programs will be given high priority. The Thai counterparts (universities and government agencies) who have connection with overseas Thai professionals and want to organize workshops / lectures can also send a request for partial granting to RBD.

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