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The Association of Thai Professionals in Japan (ATPIJ)

The Association of Thai Professionals in Japan (ATPIJ) is a group of Thai "knowledge workers" and graduate students in Japan. It was originally organized in 1991 as a club of Thai engineers and scientists who were working in Japan after their graduation. The founding of ATPIJ was initially inspired by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Thailand.

ATPIJ is comparable to ATPAC (The Association of Thai Professionals in America and Canada), or ATPER (The Association of Thai Professionals in Europe). However, in reality, ATPIJ can be better described as something like a mixture of ATPAC and ATSIST (The Association of Thai Students in Science and Technology Professions) in that ATPIJ membership covers both professionals and students.

Though originated as a club of engineers and scientists, ATPIJ has become more "multi-disciplinary" now. In other words, its scope of interests has extended beyond natural science and technology to include social sciences and humanities. In fact, some key objectives of ATPIJ is to bridge the gap between people from different academic backgrounds, and to create a scientific society which is more in touch with all people.

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